Elinchrom Ranger Free Lite S Flash Head (EL20100)

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Elinchrom Ranger Free Lite S Flash Head

The Elinchrom FreeLite S FlashHead is dedicated to the Elinchrom Ranger battery-powered pack. The Free Lite S features a 10' (3 m), low resistance power cable, modeling light switch and safety fuse.

Elinchrom's extensive line of reflectors, softboxes, accessories are compatible. It features a 2400 watt/second standard duration flash tube with a 100W/12V modeling lamp.

Compact Design

Compact and lightweight, fitting into standard existing Elinchrom cases.

Changeable Reflector

Elinchrom standard bayonet, plus additional security breech lock. Accepts all Elinchrom/Prolinca accessories since 1974.

Modeling Lamp Switch

Features a switch to turn the modeling light on or off.

Asymmetric Distribution

Even though the Ranger Power Supply has symmetrical distribution only, the photographer is able to achieve a 2:1 ratio between the "A" and "S" series of heads. This works because the "A" heads have a duration up to 1/3250 second while the "S" heads have a duraton up to 1/1600 second. The "A" head is twice as fast, and draws twice the energy of the "S" head creating a 2:1 ratio.
  • Elinchrom Ranger Free Lite S Flash Head
  • Flashtube (24034)
  • 100W/12V Modeling Lamp (23045)
  • 16.4' (5 m) Cable
  • Protective Cap
  • Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty