Elinchrom FIVE Monolight Kit (EL20960.1)

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The Elinchrom FIVE Monolight Kit is a must-have for professional photographers who demand convenience, reliability, and exceptional performance. This kit includes everything you need to create stunning lighting effects and capture perfect shots.

Powered by a detachable high-capacity Li-Ion battery, this monolight offers up to 450 full-power flashes on a single charge. Say goodbye to running out of power during your shoots! With the Elinchrom FIVE, you can focus on capturing those memorable moments without worrying about battery life.

One of the key features of the Elinchrom FIVE is its TTL with Manual Lock capability. Switch effortlessly from TTL to Manual mode without losing any exposure settings. This ensures precise control over your lighting, allowing you to achieve the desired effect with ease.

Another great advantage of the Elinchrom FIVE is its active charging feature. You can connect it to a power source and continue shooting while charging, regardless of the battery's power level. No more interruptions or delays during your photo sessions!

The bi-color 26W LED modeling lamp is adjustable from 2700K to 6500K, providing versatile lighting options for different shooting environments. It outputs 4000 lumens with a high CRI of 91 to 94, ensuring accurate color reproduction and natural-looking results.

The Elinchrom FIVE is designed to be tough and reliable. Its optimized cooling and electronics allow for quick recycling to full power in just 1.6 seconds. This means you can capture fast-paced action without missing a beat.

With a USB-C charge port, you can charge the Elinchrom FIVE from any USB-C source, eliminating the need for proprietary spare batteries or chargers. This convenient feature makes it easier to keep your monolight powered up and ready to go at all times.

  • Sync up to 1/8000 second with high-speed sync for freezing motion, overpowering ambient light, and creating beautifully darkened backgrounds.
  • The Elinchrom FIVE comes with a built-in Bluetooth feature, allowing you to control settings and make adjustments via the Elinchrom Studio App without the need for additional accessories.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your photography to the next level with the Elinchrom FIVE Monolight Kit. Experience the convenience, reliability, and exceptional performance of this kit and capture breathtaking images with ease.