Elinchrom Zoom Pro Head #EL20191

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The Elinchrom Zoom Pro Head is the perfect addition to your photography gear. Compatible with all Elinchrom power packs made in or after 1981, this head is designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Featuring an Intelligent Flash Cooling system, the Zoom Pro Head ensures optimal heat management. The 300W modeling lamp and 3,000W/s flash tube are kept at the ideal temperature, extending their lifespan. With its unique focusing design, you can adjust the flash tube closer or further away from the reflector, allowing you to achieve the desired lighting effects.

Designed to handle anything in the Elinchrom family of products, the Zoom Pro Head offers versatility and reliability. It comes with a clear, protective glass dome and a built-in 90° reflector, perfect for use with umbrellas or soft boxes. Plus, the head features a standard Elinchrom bayonet mount, giving you access to a wide range of EL-Reflector and Rotalux light shaping tools.

  • The small user-replaceable, plug-in UV coated flash tube ensures precise control over your lighting.
  • The efficient built-in reflector provides a 90° light distribution, maximizing the performance of your softbox.

With its lightweight aluminum chassis and fire-resistant housing, the Zoom Pro Head is both durable and portable. The low-noise fan-cooling system ensures efficient operation, keeping the head cool even during extended shooting sessions.

Incorporate the power of the Elinchrom Zoom Pro Head into your photography setup and experience professional-quality lighting like never before.

  • Light Wattage: 300 W
  • Maximum Watt/Seconds: 3000 W/s
  • Fixture Mount: 5/8" Receiver
  • Replaceable Flashtube: Yes
  • Fan: Yes, Variable Speed
  • Changeable Reflector: Yes
  • Umbrella Mount Support: Yes
  • Modeling Light On/Off Switch: Yes
  • Elinchrom Zoom Pro Head
  • Flash Tube
  • Clear Glass Dome
  • Elinchrom Modeling Lamp - 300 watts/120 volts - for S1500, A3000, EL Micro, Scanlite 1000, Digital SE
  • Protective Cover
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Flash Head
  • 180 Day Warranty on Flash Tube