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Looking to enhance your color accuracy? The Calibrite ColorChecker Display (CCDIS) is the perfect solution. With this device, you can achieve precise on-screen color representation, eliminating any guesswork and frustration when calibrating your displays. Save time and money while gaining complete creative control over your images.

Accurate color representation on screen is essential, especially with the growing importance of video editing. The Calibrite ColorChecker Display allows you to view your footage accurately, ensuring that what you see is what you'll get throughout your video workflow. Say goodbye to color inconsistencies and hello to professional-grade color grading.

Key Features:
  • Portable and easy to use with the intuitive ccStudio software
  • Compact and self-contained design for maximum portability

With its optical design, the Calibrite ColorChecker Display offers high repeatability on the same display and across different display types. This ensures consistent color matching for a seamless experience. The device also comes with a rotatable diffuser arm that functions as a stand for table-top projector profiling, ambient light measurement, and as a cover for instrument optics.

For added convenience, the Calibrite ColorChecker Display is equipped with an integrated tripod mount. This feature comes in handy when conducting projector profiling in larger venues. You can trust this device to deliver accurate color representation every time.


  • Product Height (cm): 3.81cm
  • Product Height (in): 1.5in
  • Product Length (cm): 6.35cm
  • Product Length (in): 2.5in
  • Product Weight (kg): 0.14kg
  • Product Weight (lb): 0.3lb
  • Product Width (cm): 6.35cm
  • Product Width (in): 2.5in
  • Warranty: 1 Year


  • Calibrite ColorChecker Display
  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Upgrade your color accuracy with the Calibrite ColorChecker Display. Experience the full potential of your displays and take control of your creative projects. Don't settle for guesswork - choose precision and reliability with Calibrite.