Nanlite MixPanel 60 Bicolor + RGB Hard and Soft Light LED Panel (15-2010) | Open Box

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Nanlite MixPanel 60 Bicolor + RGB Hard and Soft Light LED Panel

The Nanlite MixPanel 60 Bicolor + RGB Hard and Soft Light LED Panel is the ultimate lighting solution for all your creative needs. This compact panel combines three LED light sources into one, allowing you to switch effortlessly between hard light, soft light, and colored light at the touch of a button. Whether you're a content creator seeking to enhance your TikTok lighting or a photographer looking for versatile studio lighting, the MixPanel 60 delivers exceptional performance.

One of the standout features of the Nanlite MixPanel 60 is its ability to offer three distinct light sources in a single unit. This means you can easily switch between a traditional multi-LED panel for hard light, a diffuse SMD LED panel for soft light, and a tunable RGB panel for creative effects. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple lighting setups and embrace the convenience of the MixPanel 60.

With a color temperature range of 2700K-7500K, this LED panel allows you to achieve the perfect lighting temperature for any setting. Whether you need warm, cozy lighting for a romantic scene or cool, crisp lighting for a product shoot, the MixPanel 60 has got you covered.

What sets the MixPanel 60 apart from other LED panels on the market is its extensive selection of special effects. With 9 pre-programmed and adjustable effects, you can easily create captivating lighting scenarios that would otherwise be challenging to recreate. From flickering candlelight to the flashing lights of a TV screen, the MixPanel 60 opens up a world of creative possibilities.

  • CRI: 98
  • TLCI: 95
  • Dimming: 0-100%
  • DMX Control: Yes
  • Compatible Wifi Adapter: Nanlite W-2 Wifi Adapter
  • Compatible Remote: Nanlite RC-1 Remote Control
  • Wireless Control Type: Wireless Remote / Wifi via adapter
  • Frequency: 2.4ghz&DMX
  • Mount: Standard 5/8in Receiver
  • Cooling System: Active cool/fan
  • Power Source: DC15V/6A
  • Max Power Consumption: 60W
  • Battery Compatibility: Sony V-Mount 14.8v Battery (Not Included)
  • Charge Time to Full (Hours): Battery Dependent
  • Charge Time to 80% (Hours): Battery Dependent
  • Runtime @ 100% Brightness (Hours): 14.8v Sony V-Mount 150wh: 2 hours

Experience the versatility and power of Nanlite lighting technology with the MixPanel 60 Bicolor + RGB LED Panel. Whether you're a professional photographer, videographer, or content creator, this portable lighting solution will take your work to the next level.