Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter #CCDIS3HL | Demo

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Get the most out of your display calibration process with the Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter. This colorimeter is a must-have tool for professionals who demand precision in color accuracy.

The Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter is designed to deliver exceptional accuracy, capable of measuring up to 3000 nits utilizing its innovative HL sensor technology. Whether you work with LCD, mini-LED, OLED, or Apple XDR displays, this colorimeter ensures reliable and precise calibrations every time.

  • Accurately measures display brightness up to 3000 nits using HL sensor technology.
  • Compatible with LCD, mini-LED, OLED, and Apple XDR displays for versatile usage.

With the Calibrite PROFILER software included, you have access to a comprehensive calibration solution customized to meet your specific requirements. The USB-C connectivity, along with a USB-A adapter, facilitates easy connection with various devices, making calibration hassle-free and efficient.

Experience professional-grade calibration results with the Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter, providing you with unmatched color accuracy for your visual projects. Say goodbye to inconsistent colors and unreliable calibrations with this essential tool in your arsenal.

  • Features Calibrite PROFILER software for a complete calibration experience.
  • Equipped with USB-C connection and USB-A adapter for seamless connectivity.

Package Includes:

  • Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter
  • Storage Pouch
  • USB-A Adapter
  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty