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Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D500 (MB-D17) + 2.4 Ghz Wireless #JBG-N014

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Upgrade your photography game with the Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D500. Designed specifically for the Nikon D500, this battery grip is the perfect companion for photographers who want to enhance their shooting experience. With its sleek design and reliable performance, this battery grip is a must-have for any photography enthusiast.

Featuring a sturdy construction made from high-quality rubber and premium plastics, the Jupio Battery Grip is built to last. The ergonomically convenient grip adds stability and comfort, allowing you to capture seamless portrait and landscape photos with ease. Plus, the battery grip's heavy-duty wheel ensures a secure and tight fit.

Not only does the Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D500 offer improved handling, it also extends your battery life. With the ability to house either one EN-EL15 battery or 8 AA batteries, you can keep shooting for longer without worrying about running out of power. And in case of emergencies, you can rely on AA batteries as a backup.

The Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D500 comes packed with features to enhance your shooting experience. It includes a shutter release button, main command dial, sub-command dial, joystick, and an AF-On button, all conveniently located for easy access. With this battery grip, you'll have full control over your camera settings, making it a breeze to capture the perfect shot.

When it comes to quality, Jupio is a name you can trust. With their history of producing innovative batteries, chargers, and accessories, Jupio products are known for their performance and value for money. The Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D500 is no exception, with its superior build quality and attention to detail.

  • Extended battery life for uninterrupted shooting sessions
  • Improved grip for comfortable handling and stability


  • Battery Included: No
  • Weight: 0.49lb / 0.22kg
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Upgrade your photography gear with the Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D500. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, this battery grip will take your photography to the next level.