Benro Mach3 9X CF Series 3 Tripod, 3 Section, Twist Lock (TMA37C)

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Benro Mach3 9X CF Series 3 Tripod, 3 Section, Twist Lock

As part of our most advanced range of photo tripods, the Mach3 TMA37C combines classic design with advanced materials. High-performance twist locks and magnesium castings make this 9X carbon fiber tripod ideal for indoor or outdoor photo shoots.


  • -9x Carbon Fiber Legs: The Mach3 TMA37C features our signature 9x Carbon fiber legs. Constructed from 9 layers of carbon fiber these legs maximize the strength to weight ratio of the tripod legs. Giving you the sturdiness you require with out weighing you down.
  • -Magnesium Casting: Wherever possible the Mach3 TMA37C employs magnesium castings making it among some of the lightest tripods on the market.
  • -High Performance Twist Locks: The Mach3 TMA37C utilizes high performance, rubber twist locks for improved ergonomics and resistance to the the elements.
  • -Spiked Feet: A set of spiked feet are included with the Mach3 TMA37C tripod for increase stability when shooting outdoors.
  • -Short Column: For ground level shooting a short column is included with the Mach3 TMA37C
 Base Mount Diameter (mm):  68
 Closed Length (cm):  62.5
 Closed Length (in):  24.6
 Converts to Monopod:  N
 Family:  Mach3
 Foot Mount:  3/8
 Foot Size (mm):  34
 Foot Type:  Rubber
 Head Mount:  3/8"-16
 Leg Diameter 1 (mm):  32.4
 Leg Diameter 2 (mm):  28.6
 Leg Diameter 3 (mm):  25.2
 Leg Lock Type:  Twist Lock
 Leg Material:  Carbon Fiber
 Leg Sections:  3
 Leg Diameter (mm):  32.4mm
 Maximum Height (in):  63.58
 Maximum Height (cm):  161.5
 Maximum Height w/Column Extended (cm):  161.5
 Maximum Height w/Column Extended (in):  63.58
 Maximum Payload Capacity (lb):  35.3
 Maximum Payload Capacity (kg):  16
 Minimum Height (cm):  38.5
 Minimum Height (in):  15.15
 Product Height (cm):  76.0cm
 Product Height (in):  29.9in
 Product Length (cm):  16.5cm
 Product Length (in):  6.5in
 Product Weight (kg):  1.85kg
 Product Weight (lb):  4.08lb
 Product Width (cm):  14.5cm
 Product Width (in):  5.7in
Quick Release Type:   N/A
 Slim Frame:  Yes-with 3 stops
 Warranty:  3 Year