Benro X-Series 3XD Pro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer #3XDPRO | DEMO

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Benro 3XD Pro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

The Benro X-Series 3XD Pro is a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer made with the professional filmmaker in mind.

The 3XD Pro Assists in Providing Smooth Footage

The Benro 3XD PRO features a different take on the traditional dual handled gimbal design. Its collapsible handles make it perfect for traveling light and compact, while the adjustable ergonomic silicon grips give you comfortable handling at all times.

Collapsing Dual Handle Design Allows for Quick Storage and Easy Travel

Foldable dual handle design allows for compact storage as well as offering the ability to switch between dual handle or underslung single handle use. The handles allow for unlimited positioning to allow the camera operator to gain the most comfortable and efficient carrying position.


Multiple Shooting Modes

Universal Follow

Provides smooth camera movements towards the direction you’re aiming. Use this mode when circling around a subject or when making several dynamic camera movements while following a subject.

Horizontal Follow

Keeps the camera locked on a subject while moving the gimbal. This mode replicates movements similar to those of a jib or slider.


Provides smooth movement based on where you move the camera horizontally. Use this mode for dynamic panning movements around corners

45 Degree Roll Motor Offset

The 3XD Pro’s roll motor is positioned at a 45-degree offset. This allows the operator to see the camera’s rear LCD screen and have greater ability to frame and compose their shot.

Mounts to a Tripod or Monopod

The underside of the Benro 3XD handle has a ¼”-20 threaded hole for mounting the stabilizer to a tripod. This allows you to connect the camera at a particular spot while still using the various modes such as Pan track or Lock mode.

Adjustable Camera Controls Directly on Handle

The X-Series 3XD Pro allows you to change the cameras aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus or zoom, and allows the starting or stopping of videos, all without needing to touch your camera.

In-Arm Monitor and Audio Cabling

The 3XD Pro also features in-arm cabling for both audio as well as monitor use. This removes the need to have microphone or monitor cables dangling and affecting the balance of the gimbal.

13-hour Battery Life

With a 13-hour battery life, the 3XD Pro is guaranteed to keep up with you during the most extensive days of shooting. You can use it all day or over multiple days and never miss a shot.

Intelligent Features

Intelligent Features allow the 3XD Pro to take control of your camera via the Benro Gimbal app. The app allows panoramas to be captured, motion time lapses to be taken, and even allows the ability to remotely start and stop your camera.


    •    Carrying Case

    •    Adjustable Swivel Handle Tripod

    •    Three batteries

    •    Sony camera cable

    •    Panasonic camera cable

    •    Canon Camera Cable

    •    Charger

    •    USB charging cable

    •    Lens support adapter

    •    3x Mini HDMI cables to Mini, Micro, and Full HDMI