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Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Pro for Nikon | Cat # EL19367

The Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Pro for Nikon represents the latest evolution in Elinchrom''s venerable wireless ecosystem. It combines compatibility with three generations of transceivers and flash heads with cutting-edge features like Hi-Sync flash sync speeds up to 1/8000 sec two-way visual feedback and TTL with Manual Lock.

Two Way Visual Feedback Interface
The large LCD display of the Skyport HS features two-way control via a Visual Feedback Interface that lets you see the exact power of every light in your setup right on the transmitter. The individual strobes show up automatically on the screen, and users can control each light''s power level and modeling lamp settings directly from the Skyport transmitter or on the strobe itself, which instantly shows the updated power settings.

Hi-Sync and HSS
Go beyond the X-Sync of your camera with two different flash synchronisation technologies; Hi-Synch and HSS. Hi-Sync is optimised for power and while HSS is easier to use and more consistent. The Transmitter Pro uniquely integrates both Hi-Sync and HSS so photographers can simply access sync speeds up to 1/8000s to freeze motion, overpower the sun, darken backgrounds, or use a wider aperture for a shallow depth of field.

Hi-Sync is only achievable with Hi-Sync enabled flash heads and the Transmitter Pro must be used in manual mode while HSS only works with TTL enabled units with the Transmitter pro in either manual or TTL mode.
Note: both technologies may be used simultaneously when the Transmitter Pro is in manual mode. (ex. ELB 1200 with Hi-Sync + ELB 500 TTL with HSS)

Impressive Wireless Range
The Skyport Transmitter Pro has 20 channels and 4 groups that can be used for either Normal or Speed mode, and a wireless range of 656'' outdoors and 196'' indoors. Users can instantly distinguish what sync mode they are in since the backlit display glows green for normal sync mode, and red for speed sync mode.

The Skyport Transmitter Pro is compatible with previous generations of Elinchrom flash units including the EL- Skyport Transceiver RX module for Style RX, Digital RX, and Ranger RX systems and the integrated EL-Skyport modules for the BRX, D-Lite RX, ELC Pro HD, and ELB series. The Skyport Transmitter Pro adds synchronization capability and two-way control functionality to all Elinchrom lights with EL-Skyport capability.

User Updatable Firmware
Designed to be a future proof, users can update the firmware of the Transmitter Pro via included mini usb cable. Current Skyport Plus HS owners can update to full Pro functionality via a free firmware update on Elinchrom.com

  • Large graphic control display
  • Backlight in green or red (green for Normal Sync Mode, red for Speed Sync Mode)
  • HI-Sync: Enables synchronization up to a 1/8000th to all Elinchrom products with EL-Skyport capability
  • Up to 656ft (200m) Outdoors
  • Up to 196ft (60m) Indoors
  • Fast access buttons and rotating wheel for easy control
  • Secure Hotshoe connection with bayonet locking system
  • Standard 2 AA Batteries (Accepts rechargeable batteries)
  • 2.5mm trigger jack output
  • Firmware update with integrated Mini-USB socket 40 Remote channels
  • 20 frequency channels* in Normal Sync mode
  • 20 frequency channels* in Speed Sync mode
  • 4 Groups and ALL
  • EL-Skyport Sync Modes
  • Normal Sync Mode best distance range
  • Speed Sync Mode faster shutter speed on leaf cameras but reduces distance range
  • Sync Mode s:
  • Standard uses the middle contact of the hotshoe so it is limited to X-sync of the camera
  • HS (Hi-Sync) Sync up to 1/8000s, timing delay is automatic
  • ODS (Over Drive Sync) fine tune the timing delay to optimize Hi-Sync results (up to 2 more f-stops of light!)
  • Second curtain sync
  • AF Light integrated
  • Auto MOD
  • Shutter Mode half pressing the shutter of the camera turns the modeling lamp on
  • DOF Mode pressing the DOF button of the camera turns the modeling lamp on
  • REMOTE Control** with automatic feedback from Elinchrom flash units
  • EL - Flash power up & down
  • Modelling lamp on/off or power up & down
  • Sleep mode and Auto OFF mode programmable
  • Manufacturer''s RESET

*For all newer Elinchrom flash units with 20 frequency channels

**For all Elinchrom flash units with integrated EL-Skyport Receiver and Transceiver

***For all RX units and newer ELB, ELC

Weight 0.42 lbs. (0.19 kg)
Exterior Dimensions 2.75W X 2.5H X 3.5D in.
(7 X 6.4 X 8.9 cm)
Warranty Duration (Standard) 2 Years
Power Range Display 1/10 of a Stop
Power Increments in F-Stop 10-Jan



Elinchrom EL-Skyport Transmitter Pro for Nikon
Limited 1-Year Warranty