Elinchrom Snaplux Speed Ring for Profoto (EL26550)

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The Elinchrom Snaplux Speed Ring for Profoto (EL26550) is a must-have accessory for professional photographers. Designed to work seamlessly with Snapbox quick-open softboxes, this lightweight and durable metal speed ring is compatible with all Snaplux sizes and shapes.

With the Elinchrom Snaplux Speed Ring for Profoto, you can easily mount your Snapbox softbox onto a range of Profoto strobes, including popular models like the B1X, B10, D1, and D2. This allows for effortless and efficient lighting setups, giving you the flexibility to achieve the perfect shot every time.

Featuring a sturdy aluminum construction, this speed ring ensures a secure and stable connection between your softbox and strobe. The precision engineering guarantees that your lighting equipment stays in place, even during demanding shoots or extensive use.

  • Easy and quick installation: The Elinchrom Snaplux Speed Ring for Profoto enables you to effortlessly attach your Snapbox softbox to your Profoto strobe, saving you valuable time during setup.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this speed ring is built to withstand the rigors of professional photography, ensuring it will remain a reliable tool in your kit for years to come.


  • Compatible Lighting: Profoto
  • Compatible Softbox Shape: Octagonal, Rectangular, Strip
  • Material: Aluminum