Phottix PH00330 Indra500LC TTL Battery-Powered Light Compatible - Demo

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The Phottix PH00330 Indra500LC TTL Battery-Powered Light Compatible - Demo is a versatile lighting solution for photographers looking for wireless shooting capabilities and portability. Designed with flexibility and power in mind, this light offers full compatibility with the Canon RT system, making it easy to use with Canon RT Speedlites and other compatible accessories.

With a maximum power output ranging from 4 to 500 Ws, the Phottix Indra500LC provides adjustable power control over an 8-stop range, allowing you to achieve the perfect lighting intensity for your shots. Whether you're shooting in a studio or on location, this light can deliver reliable and consistent performance.

Key Features:

  • Wireless shooting capabilities with Canon RT system compatibility
  • Adjustable power control over an 8-stop range

Thanks to its built-in Phottix Laso system and Laso receiver, the Indra500LC also allows you to integrate non-radio legacy flashes into your setup, adding versatility to your lighting options.

Equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, the Indra500LC offers a fast recycling time of 0.1 to 2 seconds, ensuring that you never miss a shot due to a slow recharge. Additionally, it features a flash duration as short as 1/15000 (t.1) sec at reduced power settings, enabling you to freeze action and capture peak-moment sports shots with impressive clarity.

The Phottix Indra500LC comes with a 5" reflector, Li-ion battery, charger, and a convenient carrying bag for easy transportation and protection when on the go.


  • Maximum Power: 4 to 500 Ws
  • Power Control: 8 Stops in 1/3-Stop Increments
  • Guide Number: 147.6' / 45m, ISO 100
  • Flash Duration: t.1: 1/15,000 to 1/250 Sec
  • Recycle Time: 0.1 to 2.0 Sec
  • Color Temperature: 5500K +/- 200K
  • Flash Ready Indicator: Audio, Visual
  • Reflector: 5" / 60° Changeable
  • Accessory Fitting Type: Bowens S Type

Discover the convenience and versatility of the Phottix PH00330 Indra500LC TTL Battery-Powered Light Compatible - Demo. Capture stunning images with ease, whether you're in the studio or out in the field.