Blink 500 B2 Ultracompact 2.4 GHz 2-Person Wireless Clip-On Microphone System - Demo

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If you're looking for a high-quality, compact solution for capturing wireless audio, look no further than the Blink 500 B2 Ultracompact 2.4 GHz 2-Person Wireless Clip-On Microphone System.

This incredible system is designed for DSLR, mirrorless, and video cameras, as well as mobile devices. It offers a hassle-free setup and delivers detailed, broadcast-quality sound.

The Blink 500 B2 includes two clip-on transmitters with excellent built-in microphones. These transmitters are lightweight and small enough to easily clip onto shirts or clothing. Alternatively, you can use the included SR-M1 Professional Lavalier Microphones for even more versatility.

Operating on the interference-free 2.4GHz spectrum, this system automatically jumps to free channels to ensure clear audio without any static noise or dropouts.

  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Simple to use with no technical audio knowledge required

The receiver features a convenient belt clip that doubles as a camera shoe mount, making it easy to attach to your camera. It comes with two output cables – TRS for cameras and TRRS for smartphones or tablets.

The Blink 500 B2 boasts built-in Lithium batteries that can be conveniently charged via USB-C. Plus, they can even be powered while in use, ensuring uninterrupted recording sessions.

With this wireless clip-on microphone system, you can capture professional-quality sound with ease. Whether you're a filmmaker, journalist, vlogger, or content creator, this system is the ideal companion for any video shooting scenario.

Additional specifications:

  • Power: 10-milliwatt
  • Range: 98 feet (30 meters) with obstacles, 164 feet (50 meters) in open spaces
  • Battery life: Up to 5 hours on a single charge