Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter #CCDIS3HL | Demo

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Enhance your display calibration experience with the Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter. This advanced colorimeter is a game-changer for media professionals seeking precision in their color calibration process.

The Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter offers exceptional accuracy, capable of measuring up to 3000 nits using its cutting-edge HL sensor technology. Say goodbye to inaccurate calibrations as this colorimeter delivers reliable results for a variety of displays, including LCD, mini-LED, OLED, and Apple XDR panels.

  • Measures display brightness up to 3000 nits with HL sensor for precise calibrations.
  • Works seamlessly with LCD, mini-LED, OLED, and Apple XDR displays for versatile compatibility.

Equipped with the Calibrite PROFILER software, this colorimeter provides users with a comprehensive calibration solution tailored to their needs. The USB-C connection, complemented by a USB-A adapter, ensures effortless connectivity across different devices, enhancing convenience and ease of use.

Experience professional-grade calibration results with the Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter, maximizing the quality of your visual presentations. This colorimeter is your go-to tool for achieving accurate colors and consistent results across various display types.

  • Comes bundled with the Calibrite PROFILER software for a complete calibration solution.
  • Features a USB-C connection with a USB-A adapter for versatile connectivity options.


  • Calibrite Display Pro HL Colorimeter
  • Storage Pouch
  • USB-A Adapter
  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty