Jupio Battery Grip for Canon 5D MKIV (BG-E20) #JBG-C014

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Jupio Battery Grip for Canon 5D MKIV (BG-E20) #JBG-C014

The Jupio Battery Grip for Canon 5D MKIV (BG-E20) is a must-have accessory for professional photographers. This top grip battery grip is specifically designed to enhance your photography experience with the Canon 5D MKIV.

With the Jupio Battery Grip, never worry about running out of power during your shoots. It allows you to easily power your camera using either 2x LP-E6 or 2x LP-E6N batteries. Whether you're shooting in the studio or out in the field, this battery grip provides extended battery life to keep you shooting for longer.

Take control of your camera effortlessly with the Jupio Battery Grip. It comes with a convenient 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote control, allowing you to operate your camera from a distance. Capture the perfect shot without having to be right next to your camera.

  • Extended battery life - Power your Canon 5D MKIV for longer photo shoots.
  • Wireless remote control - Operate your camera from a distance for more flexibility.

This battery grip is an exact replica of the original Canon 5D MKIV BG-E20 grip. From the layout of the controls to the matching colors and patterns, it is indistinguishable from the original. The Jupio Battery Grip not only provides the same functionalities but also adds a touch of style to your camera setup.

We understand the importance of quality, and that's why we offer an unconditional 3-year warranty on this battery grip. You can trust that it will perform reliably, providing you with the power you need for years to come.


Product Specifications:

  • Battery Included: No
  • Weight: 0.66lb / 0.3kg
  • Warranty: 3 Years

The Jupio Battery Grip for Canon 5D MKIV (BG-E20) is the ultimate accessory for the Canon 5D MKIV. Maximize your shooting time, have complete control over your camera, and elevate your photography to new heights.