Phottix Nuada Ring 10 LED Light Go Kit - Demo

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Phottix Nuada Ring 10 LED Light Go Kit

The Phottix Nuada Ring 10 is a perfect light for live streaming, photography, videography, makeup artists, and smartphone content creation. It features a unique 90°/180° foldable design which allows for effectively creating a half-moon and lighting for two users possible for online meetings such as Zoom. Lighting is soft and beautiful with the Nuada Ring 10, and the easy control panel features a “Touch & Slide” bar that adjusts with light finger touches from left to right controlling the brightness as well as color temperature. The Nuada Ring 10 is lightweight and portable. The dimmable LED’s blend in with any environmental shooting needs; and with a ring diameter of 10 inches (25.4cm), the Nuada Ring 10 can easily assemble with the included Phottix MT-One mini tripod with its cold shoe mount for selfie and video recording with an external microphone. The Nuada Ring 10 has one micro USB power input port allowing flexibility for making content anywhere – just add a portable power-bank!

  • Beautiful softlight design for 10W of flattering light making it ideal for live streaming and content creation
  • Excellent color with a CRI Rating of 96+
  • Easy "Touch & Slide" brightness and color temperature control
  • Lightweight and portable with a foldable 90°/180° compact design
  • 10in Diameter Size
Product Weight (lb): 0.5lb
Product Weight (kg): 0.2kg
Product Length (in): 10.2in
Product Width (in): 5.9in
Product Length (cm): 26.0cm
Product Width (cm): 15.0cm
Max Power Consumption: 10W
Lux @ 1m 2700K: 135
Lux @ 1m 5600K: 166
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 2600-5800
Cooling System: Natural
CRI: 96+
  • Phottix Nuada Ring 10 LED Light Go Kit
  • Table Top Light Stand
  • MT-One Mini Tripod
  • Cold Shoe Adapter
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty