Phottix Wide Angle Reflector with Grid and Diffuser (PH82330) for Indra - Demo

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The Phottix Wide Angle Reflector, for the Phottix Indra500 and Indra360 TTL Studio Lights, adds a new dimension lighting with the Indra. The reflector comes with a Bowens-compatible mount and can be used on other studio lights. The Wide Angle Reflector allows for a wider light spread. This is a great reflector for events and group photos. Included are a honeycomb grid and cloth diffuser.


Wider light spread than standard Indra reflector
Great for events and group photos
Grid and diffuser included

Weight 1.43 lbs. (0.65 kg)
Exterior Dimensions 13.78W X 13.78D in.
(35 X 35 cm)
Mount S-Mount


1 - Phottix Wide Angle Reflector
1 - Grid
1 - Diffuser