Sekonic L-478DR-U-EL LiteMaster Pro for Elinchrom Skyport System Light Meter

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Sekonic L-478DR-U-EL LiteMaster Pro for Elinchrom Skyport System Light Meter

Sekonic's LiteMaster Pro L-478 Series meters are the world's first touch-screen-operated light meters. They have an array of unique, must-have features for both still and motion story tellers. Their compact size is both instantly familiar and comfortable to use. A large LCD (2.7") displays ambient, flash, cine and a host of other information in a clear and understandable way. Settings are made by simply touching or sliding a finger over the screen.

The L-478 meters can be quickly calibrated to your camera using Sekonic's Data Transfer software and either Sekonic or X-Rite Brand targets or by manually inputting data to the DTS program or on the meter itself.

Keeping pace with wireless advancements, the L-478DR-EL comes complete with exclusive Elinchrom Skyport technology which combines light measurement and flash power control providing amazing control in your hand.

The L-478DR-EL has a radio module and antenna built into the meter. The system transmits at 2.4GHz and uses signal protocols that are unique to Elinchrom’s Skyport wireless triggering/control system.

The L-478 series meters offer the following languages in the interface: Japanese, English and Chinese. Depending on the country where the meter is purchased, the language is fixed and cannot be changed by the user.

NOTE: * This model may not be available due to the restriction of regulation in each country. * Please be sure to check the radio frequency and language before purchase.


  • Incident Metering for Ambient & Flash
  • Reflected 5 degree spot metering with optional vewfinder attachedment
  • Cine Setting: Frame Rate & Shutter Angle
  • Flash Analyzing Function0
  • Built In Elinchrome Transmitter


  • Startup Guide
  • Strap
  • Soft Case
  • Anti-glare film
  • Safety Precaution
Downloadable from website:
  • Operating Manual
  • Startup Guide
  • Data Transfer Software
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty with 2-Year Extension upon Online Registration (US only)